1. whothefuckisuncleken said: Thank you for all you guys have done for this blog, it's been a wild ride. I loved each and every single post you guys put up and you guys are one of the best cosplayers I've ever had the honour to discover. Visiting your blog always manages to brighten up my day. I just wish I had discovered you guys sooner so I didn't have to say goodbye so fast. Thank you. Thank you for everything and I wish you the best in your future projects, I'm sure you guys will kill at it just like you killed at this.

    Thank you so much for your ask, and even if we didn’t get to be part of each others’ lives for lone we really appreciate that you took the time to check out this blog! We really hope to see most of you guys who have followed us here elsewhere, and who knows, in a few years when our lives look a bit different from now, maybe TFD will return once more. You never know!

    In the meantime, don’t forget to follow Team Free Bloopers, because there might be more updates there from now on, both with behind-the-scenes things from this blog as well as updates on whether we plan on doing something else SPN-related :)




    We’ve all hesitated to make this announcement, because none of us have been ready to officially give this up. But sadly, we must now declare the Team Free Derp project closed; we simply don’t have time to put into this anymore between all of our other projects, school, and work. When we all do meet up to hang out, we find that TFD is further and further away from the forefront of our minds, and so we feel that it is no longer fair of us to keep you wondering what is happening with the lack of updates on this blog.

    It’s been an amazing ride, all thanks to you, our loyal followers, some of you having stayed with us for over a year! We never thought when we started this blog that we’d be able to connect to so many, that we’d get to meet so many of you at conventions… At one point someone even started a project to get us invited to Anime Boston in the US! That’s absolutely awesome?! We’re all dumbstruck and incredibly humbled by the support we’ve gained through this blog, both as cosplayers and in our personal lives. The biggest reward a cosplayer - a PERSON - can get is to be able to inspire others, we believe, and all the creative questions we’ve gotten, the ask!blogs and cosplays which people claim we’ve inspired, as well as other creative things, that is just mind-boggling. And that is also the reason why deciding that it is time to leave this blog behind is so difficult.

    Now, we all move on to other projects, some of them (most of them, to be honest) as a group, and some individually. If you guys find yourselves curious about what we do when not dressing up as Team Free Will, you’re more than welcome to check out our personal blogs:

    Sam: Cecilia
    Dean: Robin
    Cas: Mattias
    Lucifer/Gabriel/Meg: Emma
    Lucifer/Ash: Charles
    Ruby: Sara

    Thank you so much for this time and thank you for derping around with us! Hope to see you around!

    & co

    P.S. The blog won’t be taken down, ever! So please keep enjoying the old posts at your own leasure :) And I do believe that Matti still has some behind the scenes videos left to edit, so keep track of Team Free Bloopers if you’re in the mood for more derp!

  6. Hey guys. We’re actually on a case in Europe, Sweden, at the moment. There’s a rumor about a strange horse at the convention Närcon so we will check it out this Friday. We’d love some more info about this strange creature (or if you can just help us with this weird song-along language) so don’t hesitate to talk to us! We’ll probably lurk around the BBQ, Dean has talked Cas into trying their burgers…


  7. Lucifer: In a tree by the brook, there’s a songbird who sings~ ♪ Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven~ ♫

    Sam: I can imagine that all too well…

    Lucifer: Ooh, it makes me wonder~ Ooh, it makes me wonder ~


  8. image

    Dean: How about you mind your own business, seriously.

    Sam: Leave our plaid alone!


  9. image

    Sam: That is a pretty great idea actuall—

    Dean: I can’t even be around the damn thing most of the time, now you want us to get another?!

    Dean: No!

    Sam: How about a dog…?


  10. image



    Meg: You do know that’s not what she really looks like, right?